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Congress masterclass facilitators

Congress virtual masterclasses will be held on 7th and 8th October 2020 The congress masterclass programme will run over the first two days and facilitators will include international experts in the field including Dr Rachael Skews and Dr Gisele Dias.  There will be 4 congress masterclasses. Further details will be shared very soon.

10th International Congress of Coaching PsychologyCoachingCoaching psychologyCongress speakersCongress themeEventsInternational Society for Coaching PsychologyNewsPositive psychologyUncategorizedVirtual eventCongress Speakers

Congress Speakers

On Day Three of the 10th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, 2020, our line up of coaching and positive psychologists from around the world also currently includes the following congress speakers: Prof Tatiana Bachkirova (UK) Dr Suzy Green (Aus) Dr Gisele Dias (UK) Professor Almuth McDowall (UK) Per-Olof Eriksson (S) Marcela Almeida Alves (PT) Prof …

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