History of the ISCP

The International Forum for Coaching Psychology was set up after a meeting was convened at the 1st International Coaching Psychology Conference, held at City University, London, UK, on the 18th December 2006.

Twenty delegates from around the world discussed the possibility of creating an International Association, Society or Forum for Coaching Psychology. It was pointed out that at that time there were international associations for coaching but none existed specifically for the field of coaching psychology. The highly successful British Psychological Society, Special Group in Coaching Psychology in the UK had over 2000 members while the Australian Psychological Association, Interest Group in Coaching Psychology had over 500 members. However, in reality the development of the profession and discipline of coaching psychology was limited to only a few countries. There was a need for an international association or society with a remit to promote and develop coaching psychology around the world.

The following aspects were mentioned at the Forum meeting as possible purposes:

Create a network organisation of coaching psychologists that is across-communities and cultures.
Accreditation of coaching psychologists.
Collaboration between different countries.
Cross-cultural research.
Identify/bridge cultural gap
Identify what works
The entry qualification of membership to such an international organisation was discussed. It was agreed that Founder Membership of the Forum would open to psychologists who are able to be members of the psychological society that represents their country. It was decided that initially the international group would be working in a fashion of a loose coupling, with an online discussion group set up via emails. A forum website and email discussion group were set up soon after the meeting and the International Coaching Psychology Forum came into existence.
Just over a year later, in April 2008, the Society for Coaching Psychology was launched. This international society will take forward some of the key ideas from the Forum. The Society will promote coaching psychology around the world and encourage the development of the theory, research and practice in this field. The Society thanks the Forum for its international vision. Some the original Forum members have become Honorary Vice Presidents or Officers of the Society for Coaching Psychology.

On the 18 July, 2011, the Society was granted permission to change its name to the International Society for Coaching Psychology.

In August, 2016, the Society launched the ISCP International Centre for Coaching Psychology Research and ISCP Research Hubs to support international collaboration on different aspects of coaching psychology research. This includes the dissemination of research through publications, meetings, conferences and symposium.