Dr Andrea Giraldez-Hayes

Keynote Title: Arts-based coaching psychology: creative approaches to deepen conversations and promote wellbeing

Dr Andrea Giraldez-Hayes


Since ancient times, the arts have been used to boost healing, communication and participation. A significant body of research explores the application of arts and creativity in psychotherapy, and in the last decades, there has been an increasing interest in their potential to promote health and psychological wellbeing. This keynote recognises the value of arts and features evidence-based positive arts interventions and tools that coaching psychologists can use to enhance the conversations and reach more profound levels of awareness that, in turn, catalyse change, growth, fulfilment and wellbeing.

Dr Andrea Giraldez-Hayes is the Director of the Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology division of the Wellbeing and Psychological Services Clinic at the University of East London, senior lecturer in coaching psychology and supervisor. With a background in arts and education, Andrea applies creative and integrative evidence-based approaches by conveying the power of arts, coaching, and positive psychology. An international consultant and keynote speaker, Andrea has presented in more than 30 countries. Her research interests include arts-based and creative approaches to coaching and positive psychology, and the boundaries between coaching and psychotherapy. She has published more than 100 scientific papers, books and book chapters. She is currently the associate editor of four journals, including International Coaching Psychology Review and the International Journal of Coaching Psychology.

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