Welcome to our Congress Speakers, 2021

Marcela Almeida Alves (Portugal)

Meg Arroll (UK)

Patrizia Catellani (Italy)

Gisele Dias (UK & Brazil)

Zelda Di Blasi (Ireland)

Silvana Dini (Italy)

Maria Rita Fiasco (Italy)

Gabriele Giorgi (Italy)

Andrea Giraldez-Hayes (UK)

Maria João Gouveia (Portugal)

Suzy Green (Australia)

Jo Hensal (UK)

Marc Kahn (South Africa)

Barbara Kennedy (New Zealand)

Yi-Ling Lai (UK)

Iain McCormick (New Zealand)

Stephen Palmer (UK)

Silvia Ramirez Pizarro (Italy)

Giovanna Savarese (Italy)

Martin J. Turner (UK)

Flavio Urbini (Italy)

Diana Aguiar Vieira (Portugal)

Rica Viljoen (South Africa)

Qing Wang (China)

Alison Whybrow (UK)

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