Masterclass, 5th October, 2022, 14.00 to 17.00 BST

Appreciative Coaching with a focus on applying Strengths and Hope in your coaching practice

Facilitator: Dr Ceri Sims

This masterclass provides an opportunity to develop appreciative approaches in your coaching practice based on an application of Appreciative Inquiry to coaching using key principles and practices from Positive Psychology.

Participants will be shown how to bring strengths-based conversations and measures to support the development of constructive personal narratives during the ‘Discovery’ phase of appreciative coaching.

Positive methods for adopting a future based ‘Dream’ at the second phase will also be explored, as well as learning and practicing ways of bringing a Hope theory inspired approach to helping the coachee ‘Design’ their valued goals at the next phase.

These approaches can be helpful for coaching conversations in both work and non-work settings and for both individual and group-based coaching.

Dr Ceri Sims

Dr Ceri Sims is a Coaching Psychologist and Associate Professor in Psychology who has both breadth and depth of expertise in this specialist area of training through her experience of lecturing and researching as well as coaching, which is grounded in her knowledge of Psychology and Positive Psychology. Dr Sims is a member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP). She is also International Editorial Adviser for European Journal of Applied Positive Psychology and is a member of the advisory team for the ISCP’s International Centre for Coaching Psychology Research and its Positive Psychology Coaching Research Faculty. Dr Sims is Course Leader of the the Masters programme for Applied Positive Psychology at Bucks New University.


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