Dr Ole Michael Spaten

Keynote: Dr Ole Michael Spaten

The Coaching relationship – a review of empirical research.

Is the relationship one of the most important active ingredients in consulting psychology, therapy and coaching psychology?

In coaching the interpersonal relationship between coach and coachee had little attention in the nineteen nineties and the beginning of the new millennium (Grennsfelder, 2012). One of the first studies dedicated solely to the coaching relationship was undertaken by Gyllensten and Palmer (2007). Their research was followed by a stream of articles and book chapters in the past decade (e.g. Kemp, 2008a; 2008b; O’Broin & Palmer, 2009; 2010a; 2010b), as well as further dedicated coaching relationship research studies (e.g. De Haan, 2008; O’Broin & Palmer, 2010c). They pointed to the importance of the negotiation of power in the coaching alliance and also to some of the differences between coaching and counselling (Palmer, 2010; O’Broin, 2009; O’Broin, 2010). An homage to Palmer, O’Broin, Gyllensten, de Haan and many others.

Dr Ole Michael Spaten, Licensed psychologist, BA, MA PhD FISCPAccred, is an Hon Vice President and Fellow of the International Society of Coaching Psychology. He is an ISCP Accred Supervisor and holds a Specialist Certificate in Psychotherapy from the Danish Psychologists Association. He is Head of the Psychology Master Program, Senior Researcher and Director of Coaching Psychology Unit in the Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University (see: www.coaching.aau.dk).

Dr Ole Michael Spaten is an award winning psychologist and a leading pioneer in Danish coaching psychology research. He conducted the first Randomized Control Trial in Scandinavia evaluating the effectiveness of brief cognitive behavioral coaching. He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Danish Journal of Coaching Psychology. Ole’s research interests and publications relate to self and identity, social learning, coaching psychology-psychotherapy practice and intervention.

E-mail: oms@hum.aau.dk