Wendy-Ann Smith

Invited Paper: Positive Psychology and coaching psychology in France: Levers and barriers.

Wendy-Ann Smith with Prof. Charles Martin-Krumm

Positive psychology is becoming a permanent fixture in the international scientific landscape, with coaching psychology following. The domains positive psychology (PP) in application are multiple, with benefits recognised from many scientific supports, coaching psychology (CP) less known but growing. However, in France, PP still arouses suspicion and PP relatively unknown. Is PP just a current trend: an innovative personal development domain? Is it a tool at the service of liberal economic strategies? Is it the manifestation of an instrumentalisation of well-being in companies? The purpose of this presentation is to point out potential reasons for perceived resistance to positive psychology and coaching psychology, an original form of coaching. It will also outline why we should be optimistic about PP and PC’s future in France.

Wendy-Ann Smith is a registered psychologist in Australia and France. She is the co-editor of Positive Psychology Coaching in the Workplace (in press) and author in the domains of positive and coaching psychology. She is a reviewer for the European Journal of Applied Positive Psychology and co-leads the French chapter for the International Society for Coaching Psychology. She is an executive coach and teaches positive and coaching psychology at both French and UK academic institutions.

Email: Wendy-Ann@eclorev.eu