Masterclass Title: Coaching Psychology in complexity: Emergent learning journeys from Micro to Meta

Masterclass Facilitators: Gail Wrogemann, Steven Breger & Dr Anna-Rosa Le Roux

Date: 6th October, 2021

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Gail Wrogemann
Dr Anna-Rosa Le Roux
Steven Breger


Unprecedented change has catapulted us into a world that we may experience as complex and uncertain. This is a world of ever-evolving realities that require our continual and intentional engagement and adaptation. Given this, various questions emerge, for example: “How do we make sense of and align our intra- and inter-personal truths and resonance within our shared contexts?”, or “How do we authentically embody the perpetual learning and ‘becoming’ that is required of us?”, particularly in our roles as coaching-consulting practitioners.


The aim of the Masterclass is to locate this resonance for coaching-consulting practitioners, and to move toward an emergence of new insights that would benefit personal development and client engagement. The session will incorporate an integration of personal learning and insights, evidence-based research, theory and practice. We will share three personal case study-stories, interwoven through various lenses of sense-making, in order to facilitate an embodied and in-depth meta-awareness of ourselves, our groups and collectives, within complex systems.  


We embrace various narrative and reflective methods that include constructivist, phenomenological, systems-based, Jungian, psychodynamic, and Gestalt approaches. Discussions will include an articulation of our personal lived experiences – individually and collectively – recognising our emergent, and personal truths.  

We will explore the following questions – within the context of a complexity paradigm:

  • How do we connect with our unique resonances?
  • How do we develop and make sense of our coaching narratives?
  • What are the overarching meta-themes that might help us to embody and model our coaching roles in an integrated, authentic way?
  • What insights have emerged that might guide our own coaching approach in a complex world?

The Masterclass will be a combination of presentation, sharing, self-reflection, and learning opportunities for participants.

Practical significance and contribution

The emergent insights ideally create shifts in consciousness that enable deep learning, growth and transformation. As sense-making lenses, our perspectives support us to understand a felt sense of what plays out in the interaction between coaching-consulting practitioners and organisations. The use of multiple lenses provides a powerful way to co-create our transformational journeys – connecting ourselves to the organisational system. Whether we are working at the individual, team or organisational level, authentically embodying and tapping into our ontological and epistemological assumptions potentially holds the key to guiding our insights and understandings of the organisational system as a whole. 

Gail Wrogemann’s core areas of specialisation include Systems thinking, systems and organisational development, Executive and team coaching, Systems coaching, Supervision and development of consulting and coaching teams, cultural change and alignment consulting. Gail is an Industrial and Organisational Psychologist, Qualified Coach and Coach Supervisor. She completed her Masters in Systems Psychodynamic work, completed the Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching certification, various systems thinking related certifications, constellations work, and is currently completing her PhD in Leadership and Teaming in Complexity. She has experience of 20+ years across many industries – financial services, mining, consulting, public sector, education.

With her strong business focus she works well with longer term change and long term organisational development projects, using methodologies such as team coaching, group and executive coaching, leadership development, strategic thinking, mentoring and coaching for coaches and consultants.
Key successes have been in systems transformation and development of models and processes that guide these projects, development and use of impact assessment methodologies, supervision processes and development of a systems thinking accreditation.

She serves as a Masters supervisor, examiner and part time lecturer at two well renowned universities, has presented numerous academic presentations and workshops, both locally and internationally, and has published a chapter on Systems coaching for Teams in a peer viewed Coaching Psychology Book.
She is the current chair of the IGCCP (|Interest group for coaching and consulting psychology) for SIOPSA (Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa)


Dr Anna-Rosa le Roux is a registered Industrial/Organisational Psychologist (HPCSA) and holds post graduate degrees in Psychology and Leadership, Performance and Change (DPhil). She is one of the founding members of Worklife Digital, focussing on the delivering of digital psychology journeys. Her areas of focus are within the OD and change domain focusing on strategy, integrative leadership development, organisational design, building high performance teams and creating integrated wellness solutions. She has delivered Consulting Psychology assignments in Africa and the Middle East for corporate, government and not for profit organisations.
She served on the Executive of organisations such as the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA), The Association of Change Management Professionals Africa (ACMP). She is an honorary Vice President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP) and has represented South Africa in London, Sydney, Paris, San Diego, Rome and Barcelona. Anna-Rosa worked as the Head of Organisational Effectiveness for Woolworths Financial Services and previously as Head of Talent Management for Gold Fields in the Africa region.
She is one of the founders of the IGCCP for SIOPSA, and past chair of this Interest Group


Steven Breger is an HPCSA-registered organisational psychologist and certified transformational leadership coach with over 20 years’ OD consulting and coaching experience. He is the founder and director of DynamicDialogue, which focuses on transformative learning and developmental leadership coaching and consulting.

Steven work experience encompasses being a practitioner-researcher, conference speaker, workshop presenter, mentor-coach, and author. He has worked for private, public, and governmental clients, across a wide range of industry sectors. His developmental and transformational coaching, coach-panel supervision, and coaching-programme development focus on the coaching psychology interface and meta-cognitive skills, competences, and capacities that are pertinent to adult learning, within a coaching context.

He applies his work experience and learning, as well as his experience in professional theatre and corporate role-play, toward achieving psychologically rigorous, values-based, meaningful and embodied outcomes – and to contribute, wherever possible, to evidence-based research within the professional IOP and coaching psychology fields.

He has published a research chapter on Coaching for Authentic Leadership for a scientific peer-reviewed Coaching Psychology book. He has presented his research – as a speaker, panelist and workshop facilitator – at local and international IOP and Coaching Psychology conferences (Pretoria, Cape Town, Edinburgh and San Diego). He is a SIOPSA and Interest Group in Coaching & Consulting Psychology (IGCCP) Executive Committee member and Chairperson alumnus. He represented SIOPSA’s IGCCP on the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP) Executive Committee at the 4th European Coaching Psychology Conference in Edinburgh (2013), as well as at the APA’s SCP/Division 13 International Congress of Coaching Psychology in San Diego (2015).


Masterclass booking (ISCP, Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychology South Africa (SIOPSA), and SIOPSA Interest Group in Coaching and Consulting Psychology (IGCCP), members can use the £10 discount Code: ISCP2021)