Vicki de Prazer

Invited Keynote: Resilience “- “Sometimes doing your best is not good enough”.

Vicki de Prazer

Sometimes doing your best is not good enough.” Winston S Churchill. I propose resilience is evidenced in ‘critical moments’ where the sum of an individual’s skills and attributes, combine to produce a ‘gestalt’ of enhanced cognitions, affect and performance, to meet the specific demands of the challenge. Extensive work with individuals in demanding environments has led me to the development of a model of resilience that is dynamic and multi-dimensional. I will outline this model and invite you to be part of a global study to further explore this “paradigm shift’, in the conceptualization of resilience.

Vicki de Prazer is Associate Director of the Medical and Counselling Centre, University of Canberra, and is National Chair of the Coaching Psychology Interest Group, Australian Psychological Society (Australia). She runs her own independent consultancy.

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