ISCP International Centre for Coaching Psychology Research

The ISCP International Centre for Coaching Psychology Research was launched by the International Society for Coaching Psychology to support international collaboration on different aspects of coaching psychology research. This includes the dissemination of research through publications, meetings, conferences and symposium.

The International Society for Coaching Psychology hopes to provide through the International Centre doctorate researchers and other students including undergraduates, a central online resource where they can find examples of research protocols, research methodology, psychometric tools, all informed by articles, lectures and presentations by experts. These resources will be developed over time and will be maintained by the International Centre team with advice and guidance from the International Advisory Board and Honorary Research Fellows.

The Centre has launched Research Hubs which are based on location including the ISCP Italy Research Hub. Whereas our Research Faculties focus on particular areas of research, such as the ISCP Coaching Relationship Research Faculty.

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