Dr Meg Arroll PhD

Preliminary findings and observations from an online health coaching intervention pilot study for weight management

Dr Meg Arroll PhD


Health and wellbeing coaching is based on a collaborative approach which is solution, rather than problem, focused. Coaching in general is a systematic method in which goals are defined, triggers that prevent change or reinforce negative behavioural responses observed, and the motivation and tools required to make and maintain meaningful change are developed, so that an individual may become their own coach (Michie et al., 2008). Overweight and obesity is a growing concern in the UK and around the world, leading to increased morbidity, mortality and healthcare usage. Health and wellbeing coaching offers a unique type of intervention which seeks to furnish individuals with the mindful awareness, perceived control and stress-reduction techniques required to manage weight and improve overall health. This paper presents initial findings from a 3-month pilot intervention study of online health coaching for weight management, in addition to the author’s observations within her practice.

Dr Meg Arroll PhD, CPsychol, CSci, AFBPsS, FHEA, MISCPAccred specialises in health and wellbeing coaching with a particular interest in long-term stress and weight management. She has published widely in peer-reviewed journals including Medical Hypotheses, in addition to six mainstream books for the public on topics such as invisible illness and emotional eating.

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