Dr Iain McCormick

Invited Paper: Next Level Professional Development: Self-Practice Self-Reflection

Dr Iain McCormick PhD, Executive Coaching Centre Ltd, Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand


Self-Practice Self-Reflection (SP/SR) involves group sessions where therapists work on their own personal issues or challenges then begin to apply these lessons in their own therapeutic practice. The evidence-based approach has been applied with cognitive behavioural and other third-wave therapists. This presentation discusses the application of a small-group SP/SR format as a highly engaging professional development approach for mid to latter-career coaches. Groups of four or five coaches meet for a one-day session, three or four times a year and are coached on their own personal challenges by a senior practitioner. Insights from being directly involved in the coaching or viewing others being coached are discussed and used to build capability in coaching. Evidence of before and after changes are assessed using a version of the Shapiro Personal Questionnaire and overall effectiveness assessed using the Session Rating Scale. Early results are positive. The presentation also provides feedback from two senior coaches who have been involved in multiple SP/SR sessions. As a promising model of next level professional development for mid to latter-career coaches SP/SR looks to have the potential to deliver ongoing, engaging and powerful development.

Dr Iain McCormick PhD trained as a Clinical Psychologist and then completed his PhD studies in work stress. He is an executive coach, a Fellow of the New Zealand Psychological Society (NZPsS) and member of the NZPsS Coaching Psychology Interest Group. Iain has coached a wide range of executives in Hong Kong, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. He has run coaching skills training programmes for many years. His most recent publication was a book chapter on the use of Schema Therapy techniques in executive coaching. Iain currently runs Self-Practice Self-Reflection programmes for coaches in Auckland and Christchurch.