In 2021 the Society for Coaching Psychology Italy (SCP Italy) launched the ISCP Italy Research Hub. The intention is to furtherly anchor the future development of Coaching Psychology in Italy to research activities, both in coaching psychology and other related fields such as Ecopsychology, AI, Systems Change, Neurosciences. We profoundly believe in Coaching Psychology and desire to develop our capabilities and skills, attract more professionals by promoting research and exchanges within the international network of Coaching Psychology. In doing so we also intend to rely on partnerships with other coaching professional bodies in Italy.

ISCP Italy Research Hub Objectives

  1. Promote discussion and debate on research in both coaching psychology and other related
    fields such as Ecopsychology, AI, Systems Change, Neurosciences.
  2. Promote and develop the science, profession and discipline of coaching psychology in the Italian arena, considering that Italy has had 150/160 psychologists per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 10 years.
  3. Support the advancement of the effectiveness of teaching agendas and the development of Coaching Psychologists’ professional capability.
  4. Bring together psychologists and other professionals interested in and/or engaged in coaching
    psychology research for the exchange of views, experiences and mutual consultation.

Obiettivi ISCP Italy Research Hub

  1. Promuovere il confronto e il dibattitto sulla ricerca sia nell’ambito della Coaching Psychology
    che negli ambiti ad essa collegati quali Ecopsicologia, IA, Systems Change, Neuroscienze.
  2. Promuovere e sviluppare la scienza, la professione e la disciplina della coaching psychology
    nello scenario italiano, considerando che l’Italia ha avuto negli ultimi 10 anni tra i 150 e i 160
    psicologi per ogni 100.000 abitanti.
  3. Supportare l’aumento dell’efficacia delle agende formative e dello sviluppo delle capacità
    professionali dei Coaching Psychologist.
  4. Mettere insieme psicologi e altri professionisti interessati e/o coinvolti nella coaching
    psychology per favorire lo scambio di vedute, di esperienze e la consultazione reciproca.

The Coordinator and representative are members of the ISCP/Coordinatori I coordinatori sono membri dell’ISCP

Silvana Dini FISCP Accred, co-founder & steering committee member of SCP Italy

Prof Stephen Palmer PhD PISCP Accred (Representative of the ISCP International Centre for Coaching Psychology Research)