Dr Martin J. Turner

Keynote: The rational pursuit of performance excellence: Rational Emotive Behaviour Coaching (REBC) applied to sport and work

Dr. Martin J. Turner

In recent years, the reported application of REBC within performance settings such as sport and work has grown in research and professional practice literature. Broadly, the evidence-base indicates that REBC is received well and is demonstrably effective in these performance settings. At the core of REBC is the challenging of client irrational beliefs, and the development of rational beliefs. These tasks are completed in service of helping clients to adapt to pressure and adversity in a healthy and helpful manner. In this talk, Dr. Turner shares research findings concerning the role of irrational and rational beliefs in performance and mental health, and how REBC can be applied in high-pressure performance settings. This includes aligning REBC with common motivational frameworks such as self-determination theory, and psychophysiological stress frameworks such as the Theory of Challenge and Threat States. Dr. Turner explores the recent developments in this applied research area, detailing new studies across a range of performance settings. Data is examined and key findings are contextualised within both the REBC and performance literatures. From the recent research, pertinent theoretical issues will be raised and a critical approach to the research to date will be taken. Applied issues stemming from Dr. Turner’s consultancy experience within performance settings will also be covered, exploring the integration of REBC into high performance environments such as sport and work.

Dr. Martin J. Turner is a Reader in Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a BPS Chartered and HCPC Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, and an Associate Fellow of the BPS. He is most known for his award-winning work applying rational emotive behaviour theory (REBT) within achievement settings.

Contact email address: m.turner@mmu.ac.uk