Joint keynote speakers are:

Anna-Rosa le Roux

Gail Wrogemann

Steven Breger

Coaching Psychology: Exploring the Thresholds

Coaching Psychology has grown exponentially into a distinct professional field with global reach and diverse applications. To continue this relevance, impact and value as a profession, a growth trajectory that transcends various important thresholds is required. 

Systems thinking and complexity science has deepened and enriched the practice of Coaching Psychology and links it to transformational work. These sciences provide a powerful framework to understand underlying patterns and leverage points. Since business structures have changed, with more diverse and remote teams, stakeholder complexities, and immediate high-stake business outcomes, Coaching Psychology is well placed to contribute.

How is Coaching Psychology adapting then to meet the needs of business, whilst also working alongside in developing business? At these thresholds, insights may emerge, not from science but from practice.   

This paper explores results of a survey conducted by SIOPSA’s IGCCP, in seeking to understand the growth and development challenges – or thresholds – of Coaching Psychology in practice.

Some expected themes and discussion points include, 

·        The business of Coaching Psychology – relationships and affiliations

·        The context fit – delivering client value and experience

·        The bigger picture – people, planet, profit

·        The growth trajectory – deep, robust and being inclusive

·        The existential stressors – anxieties and psychodynamic defences that manifest at these thresholds

This paper will be pertinent for the profession and for practitioners who wish to explore our individual and collective relevance, impact and value on business, as well as across broader systems.

Steven Breger is a registered Organisational Psychologist (HPCSA) and certified Transformational Leadership Coach with 21-plus years of OD corporate-consulting experience. He is founder and director of DynamicDialogue, and his corporate work spans private, public, and governmental clients, across a wide range of industry sectors.

His coaching and consulting work encompasses being practitioner-researcher, speaker and panellist at global coaching psychology and IOP conferences, coaching-programme developer and presenter, coach-panel supervisor, mentor-coach, and author of a chapter on authentic leadership in an academic coaching psychology book.

His transformative performance and developmental coaching approach bridges the coaching psychology and metacognitive-skill interface – aligning competences and capacities that are pertinent to adult learning and integrative vertical development within a work-life context.

He applies his behavioural science and professional theatre experience toward achieving psychologically rigorous, values-based, meaningful, and resonant outcomes – and to contribute, wherever possible, to evidence-based research within the professional coaching psychology and IOP fields. Steven is a SIOPSA and Interest Group in Coaching & Consulting Psychology (IGCCP) Executive Committee member and Chairperson alumnus. He has also represented SIOPSA’s IGCCP on the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP) Executive Committee in Edinburgh and San Diego