Dr Diana Aguiar Vieira

The Self-Efficacy Coaching Model: Contributions to practice and research

Dr Diana Aguiar Vieira CEOS.PP; Porto Accounting and Business School, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal

Self-efficacy has been able to explain and predict human behaviour and change in several life domains. Grounded in Social Cognitive Theory, the Self-Efficacy Coaching Model (SEC) integrates the coaching literature that applies the concept of self-efficacy and provides an integrated model that contributes to explain and predict several coaching outcomes. The SEC model is focused on the self-efficacy beliefs of the coaches about their coaching skills, its causes and consequences. The latter includes the coachee’s perspective both in terms of benefits and evaluation of the coach’s skills. This paper presents the Self-Efficacy Coaching Model as well as its evaluation instruments, highlighting the applications of the SEC Model to practice and research.

Diana Aguiar Vieira PhD is a psychologist, coach, international speaker, trainer and researcher that teaches in the area of behavioural sciences at the Porto Accounting and Business School (ISCAP), Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P.PORTO), Portugal. At ISCAP she founded the Coaching, Career and Personal Development Unit and acted as Vice-Dean (2012-2018). Pro-Rector of P.PORTO (2013-2018) and founder of the ICAReAlumni International Conference and community. Diana’s site (www.beyou-bemore.com) aims to share her knowledge not only to the scientific community but also with the general public.

Email: dianavieira@iscap.ipp.pt