Prof Tatiana Bachkirova

Keynote: What do coaches need most when helping clients to deal with adversity?

Professor Tatiana Bachkirova

Some might say empathy, others might say positive thinking or problem solving skills or the ability to empower the client, or something else. In this talk I will make a case for something that I believe is even more important – pluralistic thinking. Pluralism is a philosophical perspective that positively values multiplicity in the world. It is about recognising differences in all shapes and forms as a reflection of the complexity of human nature being
part of the complexity of the world. For example, the diversity of individuals can be recognised in terms of their psychological differences in beliefs, attitudes, learning styles, thinking strategies, motivations, drives, etc. This is why navigating adversity cannot rely on ‘magic means’ suitable for everyone. However, it is possible to identify some dimensions of differences that can offer useful pointers for a coach when helping clients to deal with adversity. We will also explore how we can nurture pluralism in ourselves.

Professor Tatiana Bachkirova is Professor of Coaching Psychology and Director of the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies at Oxford Brookes University, UK. She is a recognised author, international speaker and an active researcher. Her books include Developmental Coaching: Working with the Self (2011) and The SAGE Handbook of Coaching (2017).