10th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, 2020

The International Society for Coaching Psychology is the member from the International Congress of Coaching Psychology Forum that is sponsoring and organising the 2020 virtual congress. A number of the ICCP Forum members are also supporting partners of the virtual congress.

Company sponsors

We thank company sponsors for supporting our congress. Our thanks to the National Wellbeing Service Ltd for providing their virtual events system.

9th October, 2020 Congress Sponsor Timetable

Meet the sponsors will be taking place in the Help Desk, Networking & discussion Zoom Meeting Room.

14.00 (BST, London), 00.00 (AEDT, Sydney, Sat 10th), 9.00 (EDT, New York) Peter Ruddell of the Centre for Coaching, International Academy for Professional Development Ltd will answer any questions about their course programmes.

14.00 (BST, London), 00.00 (AEDT, Sydney, Sat 10th), 9.00 (EDT, New York) Liz Hall, Editor of Coaching at Work magazine will be available to discuss the magazine, masterclasses and annual conference.

Centre for Coaching, for Leadership & Management Training